The Primera Hotel’s eclectic history began in the early 80s when it was built by its current owners as a small, 3-Star superior hotel in the heart of one of Malta’s busiest tourist districts. It was originally called the Flora Hotel and immediately proved popular with visitors to the region. 

Within a few years, two extra floors were added to the existing building to cope with the demand of visitors wanting to stay there. Over the decades, more facilities were added during continuous upgrades. Maintenance works have also been ongoing throughout the hotel’s history, helping to maintain its clean, comfortable and contemporary atmosphere. We have also garnered a number of awards from prestigious foreign tour operators. 

Trivia: The 2005 blockbuster film Munich (directed by Stephen Spielberg) was partly filmed at the Primera Hotel. Snippets of the hotel can be seen just before a major explosion – thankfully that explosion was filmed elsewhere! Several parts of Malta can be spotted in the film, in fact, the island has quite a reputation as a film set, with other big movies being shot here, including Gladiator and Troy.