From the heart of the Mediterranean come tastes from round the world

Eating is an important part of life in Malta and locals relish the opportunity to dine out in one of the many eateries scattered around the islands. Here food is a way of life, and only the best and freshest ingredients will satisfy the high standards expected.

Italian and Mediterranean fare is easily the most popular, with a majority of restaurants serving pasta, pizza, fresh fish and grilled meats. International food is also well-liked and several restaurants specialise in cuisines including: Indian, Chinese, French, Greek, Turkish and Spanish. 

While holidaying here don’t leave without trying the specialities that Malta has to offer! Maltese bread is famous the world over for its crusty exterior and gooey, white interior. Pastizzi – filo pastry parcels stuffed with ricotta cheese or peas is extremely popular, while rabbit fried in garlic is the national dish.